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Create a website from industry-leading website templates to sell your products and services. 1CLX offers a no–coding required website builder with drag and drop option, free hosting charges to suit most businesses.
Whether you are just getting started or are an established brand. Our powerful ecommerce website builder helps your business grow.


Comprehensive E-commerce Solutions

Manage your Online Store with a centralized dashboard. Manage Orders, Process Payments and track inventory levels with 1CLX E-commerce. Customers can easily browse products, add items to their cart and complete their purchase using a secure payment gateway.


Innovative Transformation Services

1CLX specializes in helping businesses transform their operations and reach new heights of success in the digital age. We empower companies with the tools, strategies, and support they need to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in ever-evolving digital landscape.


Unleash the Power of Social Media

Maximize your Social Media Reach by partnering with the leading social media service provider – 1CLX. Our Experienced team assists businesses with a tailored digital marketing strategy and effective content for targeted campaigns.


360 Connectivity - Streamline and Enhance

Integrate various digital technologies and services, such as cloud computing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things, to create a unified and optimized digital ecosystem with 1CLX 360 Connectivity. A comprehensive and holistic approach to connecting all aspects of an organization's technology and digital systems.


Transform Business with Cutting-edge solutions

Streamline and automate your process, improve customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. We offer a wide range of services and products from various vendors , including software, hardware, and consulting services. Enable the right technology solutions from 1CLX.


Solutions That Your Industry Deserves

Unique & Powerful Suite of Applications to
Run Your Entire Business

  • Garments

    Increase your productivity with precise insights into sales, and clear visibility of stock levels with automated apps

  • Apparels

    Automate your apparel business to stay up to date on trends, requisite stocks, and on demand analytics.

  • Textiles

    Simplify Workflow, Improve Performance. Automate Your Entire Organization with No Code Automated Apps.

  • Apparel

    Automate your apparel business to stay up to date on trends, requisite stocks, and on demand analytics.

  • User
    Invoice Management

    Track, manage and automate purchase requests, expedite approval and payments.

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  • User
    Vendor Registration

    Enhance vendor enrolment and relationship with retrieved insights and accuracy.

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  • User
    Purchase Order & History

    Manage all your purchase requests, orders and history in a single dashboard.

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  • User
    Payment Gateway

    Integrated suite of payment with no code integrations and pre-built connectors for safe transactions.

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Don’t See Your Industry Role?

Find Our Business Automation Products & Suit Your Needs

Task Management

Automated Workflow

Unified Platform

No-code App


Run your business with integrated applications as 1CLX Lite is the trustable software platform that businesses can rely upon.
Whether you need to improve your operational efficiency, support your teams, scale your sales, or empower communication, 1CLX offers simple solutions to work as one.

Are you a small business owner or a start-up? Does your business need a smart solution? Choose 1CLX lite to run your entire business. We have integrated applications to manage, collect and automate business processes across your entire organization.


Invoice Management

Create Invoice for the Services & Products

Lead Management

Complete Details of Leads listing, Enquiry and Status Update


Add, Categorize, Sell and Manage products

Social Media

Add posts and View Insights in 4 platform

Invoice Management

A completely automated Invoice management

Lead Management

Capture, Connect, Qualify and Outreach the lead


Inventory, Sales, Customer, and Product Management

Social Media

Create, Add, View, Analyze and Statistical Report for all platforms

Experience the No-Code Apps From 1CLX

Let the Digital Transformation Journey Begin

One Platform,
Unlimited Possibilities

No Code Landing Page Builder

Build your professional website that is optimized for marketing, powered by design.

No Code Online Store

Build eCommerce websites, and sell online. No coding is required. Let's focus on our strengths.

Invoice Management

Intuitive & effortless invoice automation management software to enhance processing time more efficiently.

Lead Management

Track, nurture, and convert leads with multiple insights, all on a single platform.

Customer Management

Enterprise customer management software for marketing, customer service, sales and operations.

Marketplace for Automation Apps

Find your enterprise workflow process and automate everything. Make it simple & precise.

Business Search Engine

Research & analyze information with an extensive business-oriented directory of websites.

Omnichannel Social Media

Explore an omnichannel social media experience with seamless integrations for customer engagement.

Business Communities

1CLX offers a business community medium to outreach and make positive brand promotion and loyalty.










Get a powerful suite and unique set of software to run your business smoothly from 1CLX. Simplify the tasks and the way you work matching your long -term vision. We have the perfect platform for digital transformation with end-to-end solutions for businesses and enterprises.

Do you need custom, yet simple and easy-to-use applications and integrations for your business ventures?

1CLX is a no-code platform that has the solutions for your every business need. Connect with us and get your requirements in less than a day. It’s that simple with 1CLX applications.


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